Organization support

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  • Creativity
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Management and logistics

  • Local productions
  • Localization and space transformations
  • Team and services coordination
  • Technical and artistic production



  • Audiovisual services
  • Temporal architecture
  • Decoration and furniture



Personal, technic and infrastructure resources

Personal means and procedures:

  • We offer services in production, stage manager, assembly direction, selection and coordination of back-up and assembly personnel among other specializations of the show and event industries.
  • We are used to integrating ourselves in teams already built, such as management, communication or marketing departments, and to coordinate collectives of volunteers or departments of services from the administration.

Strategic alliances

  • Throughout the years we have stablished and maintained strategic alliances with the best providers of multiple specialties. A relationship based on trust, professionality and mutual knowledge allows us to grant the fulfilment of the best quality and service standards.
  • However, there’s no inconvenience for us inn working with your preferred providers, should you prefer that.
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